2016 Reunion at the Eudunda Show

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Eudunda Show – 2016 Reunion

On Sunday, 13th November 2016 the "Eudunda Area School Reunions Organising Committee" were present to allow anyone who went or were associated with the Eudunda Area School to register their attendance which included their Contact Details so that a database can be produced and be used for the planned Reunion of the 70 year commemoration of the Opening of the School in 2018.

During the day after the Official Opening of the Show, there was a ˝ hour session conducted in the marquee on the oval where Mr. Adrian Menzel, Chairman of the committee welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance to hear and see what has been done so far. He introduced the committee members that were present and some of them contributed to the presentation.

The committee members are Adrian Menzel, Marcus Reseigh, Tim Knight, Peter Herriman, Kay Brealey, (Nicolai) Helen Taylor, (Hage), Jane Schulz, (Wiech) Coral Jenke, (Heidrich) David Cluse, Richard Schulz and Greg Post.

Adrian spoke about the committee’s ultimate goal which is to have in 2018 class groups based on the students who were in year 8 of which there will be 70 of them.

He then introduced Mr. Tim Knight, Secretary of the committee who spoke about what the committee has done since forming in January of this year and the proposed 70 year reunion of the opening school which is intended to take place in April 2018. He encouraged people to register, be part of their year 8 group, attend the reunion in 2018 and acknowledged Mr. Fred Kelsh who travelled from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales to be present on the day and catch up with his classmates who attended the show. Well done Fred.

The session continued with the commemoration of 70 years of the Laying of the Foundation Stone which was done by Mr. David Cluse the current Principal of the school which took place on the 13th November 1946. He spoke about what took place on that day and finished with announcing that a time capsule that was buried at the school on the 10th November 1995 where the Principal was Mr. Ian Muster was raised last Friday, 11th November 2016.

Adrian then gave a précis of some of the items which were in the capsule which included a piece of material which was used for girl’s school uniforms, a video that contained footage of numerous events conducted at the school during 1995, a small book stating the students & teacher of Grade 1 of 1995, a program showing “Eudunda Revisited” which was the celebration of 125 years of Eudunda with a weeks celebration between the 4th and 12th November 1995 plus numerous other items.  

The session concluded with Adrian giving thanks to the committee members for their help so far and on the day, to all of those present who attended, he acknowledged the presence of the Federal Member for Grey, Mr. Rowan Ramsey MP and his wife and the State Member for Stuart, Mr. Dan Van Holst Pellekaan MP and his wife and stressed to all present the need to go to the table to fill out a Registration Form.

The committee is planning individual class reunions which will be based on Year 8 of each year E.g. Year 8 of 1966 and encouraging them to meet on the weekend of the Eudunda Show plus attend it. These are being co-ordinated by members of their class and they will be advising their class members of what will take place on that weekend and arrange any of their class reunions.

The committee is urgently seeking a minimum of 2 persons from their class to be the co-ordinators for their own class, so if you are interested contact the Chairman, Adrian Menzel and he will guide you as to what to do.

For those persons who are on Facebook there is a Group titled “Eudunda Area School in the Past and Reunions”, so if you are not a member of it you are very welcome to join as there is all of the current information on it.

The committee is also seeking anyone who is prepared to assist in any way with any functions that they conduct so please advise one of the contacts shown below.

For More Information Contact:

Eudunda Area School Reunions
2 Reserve Rd, Eudunda, SA 5374
Tel: (08) 8581 7149
Email: akmen@bigpond.com

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