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Below are links to those that have been created and who the Class Administrators are for that Class.

The Administrators are not necessarily a member of Facebook and those that are their name is linked to their Facebook Profile.

This will allow you to contact them.


When you view a group that is not your class, please do not attempt to join that group as you have to be approved by the Administrator as each Class Group is exclusively for the use of that Class.

When others have been created they will be added.

Administrators - Where the Name of a person is shown with TBC after their name, they are the one that has been added to create the Class Group and waiting on confirmation that they will do that role.

Where there are blank spaces, they need to be sought so if you are interested contact the Webmaster.

Year: Administrator: Administrator:
Eudunda Area School in the Past & Reunions Adrian Menzel David Cluse
Teachers who taught at the Eudunda Area School John Greening  
Year 8 of 1960 George Lenyk  
Year 8 of 1961 Margaret Doecke  
Year 8 of 1963 David Prove - TBC  
Year 8 of 1964 Brenton Ruciack - TBC  
Year 8 of 1965 Robyn Launer - (Hansen)  
Year 8 of 1966 Helen Taylor - (Hage) Tim Knight
Year 8 of 1967 Don McKenzie  
Year 8 of 1968 Val Menzel - (Sachse)  
Year 8 of 1970 Cheryl Godfrey (Reimann) - TBC  
Year 8 of 1971 Jeanette Prior (Geister)  -TBC  
Year 8 of 1973 Maxine Reschke - (Menzel) Leah Ann O'Callaghan - (Pettigrew)
Year 8 of 1974 Rodney Jackmann - TBC  
Year 8 of 1975 Warren Reimann Sue Reimann (McCann)
Year 8 of 1976 Suzette Schutz - TBC  
Year 8 of 1981 Jane Schulz - (Wiech) Coral Jenke - (Heidrich)
Year 8 of 1988 Belinda Stewart (Rowland) - TBC  
Year 8 of 1990 Jenny Doecke - (Zekof) Luke Di Sessa
Year 8 of 1991 Nicole Regnier - TBC  
Year 8 of 1992 Corey Menzel  
Year 8 of 1996 Lisa Menzel  

Eudunda Area School in the Past and Reunions Facebook Group

Procedures for Class Groups on Facebook

So that all Class Groups on Facebook for the Eudunda Area School are uniform, the following rules are to be used for Administrators and Members of All Groups for the school.

The Administrator of the Eudunda Area School in the Past and Reunions , Mr. Adrian Menzel has a very good knowledge of how Facebook works and has created and Administrates many groups on Facebook.

1.      When a person volunteers to be an Administrator for their Year 8 Class, a Group will be set up by the Administrator or his/her nominee

2.      All groups created for their Class will be based on Year 8 and the Year that it occurred

3.      When the Group has been created, the Administrator of that Group is to be advised and all groups must have a minimum of 2 Administrators

4.      The Administrator/s can then add members to their group and it must ONLY be members that were their class mates

5.      When the Group is created, it has to be that all members have to be approved by the Administrator/s to join other than those that they had added

6.      If a person requests to be a member the Administrator/s are to verify that they were members of their class

7.      If a person was not a member of their class, they are to be ignored with a preference that the Administrator will send them a Private Message to explain why they were ignored

8.      If a person is ignored, hopefully that person will understand as to why the were not accepted to that Group

9.      It is a request of the Administrator that all members of the Eudunda Area School in the Past and Reunions Facebook Group abide by the rules that are set by the Committee

10.   If any member has a problem with any of the Rules, they are to send a Private Message to the Administrator; he will take it to a Committee Meeting for consideration and a determination. When this is done, the Administrator will advise that member accordingly.

If anyone wishes to contact me personally, please email: akmen@bigpond.com

Respectfully Submitted,

Adrians Signature.BMP

Adrian Menzel


Eudunda Area School in the Past and Reunions Group

Created, Wednesday 25th May 2016

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